About the podcast

Wonderful To Tell podcast is for people who love listening to great storytellers, bringing you stories that will lift your spirits, make you laugh, inspire and encourage you.

You’ll hear from people of all ages & backgrounds sharing about God’s awesome power at work in their lives. Our guests include ministry workers, missionaries, students, athletes and people who are just trying to survive another day.  

Each episode is as different and unique as the people sharing their stories. YET, they all have one common thread woven through and through: the storyteller's love and faith in Jesus Christ. Our God is at work in the lives of His children & He wants us to tell of his mighty works, the times He showed up during a crisis, gave peace during suffering or gave power to achieve the impossible. Wonderful to tell gives a platform for these stories to be told.

So, come on in, pull up a chair & join us on this amazing journey into the stories that are Wonderful To Tell.