Phil Luckett's Russia Story

Phil Luckett is a man who has led an exciting, adventurous, jam-packed life. Most people would have been content to have a good paying job as a federal employee. And most people would have felt they won the lottery to work as an NFL referee for 16 years. But Phil Luckett is definitely NOT most people. The desire of Phil’s heart was and still is, to make himself available to God and to follow where ever the Lord leads him. So, not only did Phil have a full career as a federal employee and as an NFL official; he has also been part of a national speaking tour, led 20+ mission trips to Russia and has been an instructor to people around the globe. And yet, the highlight of Phil’s career and what has been most important to he and his wife Shirley and their daughter Ginger, is the addition of their 2 daughters & Ginger’s 2 sisters, Mary and Daria. Here are links to a couple of the ministries Phil mentioned in his Russia Story for you to learn more about the work they are doing.

Bridges for Peace  

And the speaking ministry: UnveilinGLORY