Brandon and Audrey Stewart: Sounding The Alarm

Meet Audrey and Brandon Stewart with their daughters Cameron and Madelyn. Audrey and Brandon share their story about their moment of crisis when at 9 months old Cameron was in a serious accident that required emergency brain surgery. Listen to this insightful story of how they responded in their moment of crisis.

Sensory play has been a huge part of Cameron's recovery and quickly became Cameron and Audrey’s favorite activity to do together. As a result, Let Them Be Little Sensory Boxes was born. It’s fun for littles but also beneficial for the development of fine motor skills, speech development, social skills and encourages the use of a child's imagination. Let Them Be Little delivers a themed sensory box to your door every month for just $30. Learn more at   

Brandon is a counselor at Restoration where their goal is simply to see lives restored. Their mission is to help our clients achieve the insight and practical skills necessary to overcome the barriers to becoming the people God designed them to be. If you are looking for a counselor we can't help but suggest reaching out to Restoration to see if one of their counselors is a good fit for you!  Learn more about Brandon and Restoration at